Hamaya Hiroshi 濱谷 浩 (1915-1999)
Children singing in a snow cave, Niigata 新潟 Prefecture - 1956
My friend is a veterinarian, this dog came into her hospital, he was out in the woods all alone for days he was on the brink of death maggots and all but was found just in time. The will to survive in living things is unbelievable.



bye cant believe some people are afraid of gassing themselves up or finding the real gas within their soul becuz they think its too vain like honey…life is all about YOU..u… as long as it doesnt harm other life…focus on YOU

This is funny. Life is not about you life is so much more than you will every be, all your human achievements are a blip on life’s radar promise, it’s fact. You are nothing an important part of nothing but nothing none the less. Do all you want get whatever you think is yours, but don’t ever go thinking you’re more important than that cockroach on the ground, it’s life has more meaning than yours ever will. You are man you are faulty you have no meaning or purpose you make it that’s it. We are trained to give this meaning because we’ve lost ours, somewhere along the line we’ve strayed.

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To Long.

Life’s tough
You care so much
So little felt
In those moments
You lunge your head
Empty arms suffice
The comfort of her stomach

I like this, it truly depicts the way our  relationship as man should be with sea life.